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Charity NFTs

Environmental & Social

Philanthropy -  - Blockchain - Caldwell Gallery Blockchain

Environmental Charity NFT

Environmental and social causes have been subjects artists have addressed for centuries. In this country Thomas Cole's paintings depiceted how development and expansion were impacting America's pristine beauty. Artists of yesterday and today often lead the way in bringing attention to topics of concern. As art dealers primarily in the secondary art market we looked for a way to give voice and agency to the artists of yesteryear.


In our effort to example how Blockchain technology, NFTs, and the Metaverse can be deployed for the good of all CGH Blockchain has designed two Charity NFTs. These tokens will be sold for $25 in USDC, a crypto stablecoin. 100% of each initial sale will be donated to a non-profit in that NFT's field. Caldwell Gallery Hudson will match every sale 100%, generating twice the impact. Our chosen non-profits will be ones which accept crypto donations, since this chairty project endeavors to showcase a vision, a technology, and the financial good a blockchain based philanthropic project can generate. When all of these NFTs have sold, the artist’s of the past, with our help, will have generated $5,000 worth of good for today, and tomorrow. 

Philanthropy -  - Blockchain - Caldwell Gallery Blockchain

Social Charity NFT

These Environmental and Social NFTs are minted in Editions of 50 each on the environmentally friendly proof-of-stake Polygon blockchain and sold on OpeanSea

CGH Blockchain’s framework of collaborations, projects and partnerships – all of which are tethered to philanthropic goals – are intended to engage, challenge, and inspire us. Please join us on this exciting and impactful journey to make the planet a better place for all.

Philanthropy -  - Blockchain - Caldwell Gallery Blockchain

View our philanthropic NFTs in our OnCyber gallery space